Best Projects 2015

These are the best projects (out of 76 in total) in 2015. Within the sections the order is alphabetical.


This year we had two winners, with an exactly equal number of votes by the staff:

Dayne Davis, Niamh Durfee, Alexandra Smith

New York City Schools
Aasta Frascati-Robinson

Runner Ups

The Growth of a Nation
Lauren Wood

Mirhee Kim, Emily Lovett, Michelle Danoff

Metro Boston Food Exploration
Christian Schlubach, Jack Birger, Sarah Ting

Guillaume Laliberte

Visualizing Crime in Chicago: 2001-present
Zachary Fogelson, Alexander Jaffe

Visualizing Inundation Impacts
Michael Dowd

Behind Bars: A Visual Story
Hugh Zabriskie, Cynthia Meng

Carbon Emissions: A Global and Historical Perspective
Anna Zhong, Rachael Smith

Spyridon Ampanavos, Tiffany Cheng

Multi PheWAS Viewer
Antoine Neuraz

The Rent Is Too Damn High
Bartsch Elliott, Lo John, Perez Alejandro

Weather and the MBTA
Aaron Zampaglione, Filip Piasevoli, David Brown

Best Projects 2014

These are the best projects (out of 79 in total) in 2014. Within the sections the order is alphabetical.


Century of Corn
Benjamin Cook, Charles Hornbaker, Conor Myhrvold, Ryan King.

The prize for our winners: a 3D pie chart! We took a bite though!

Runner Ups Places 2-3

Data Driven Dota
Robbie Gibson, Benjy Levin, Huihui Fan

Fukushima Memoriam (Japan’s Triple Disaster)
Molly Lloyd, Anthony Thul, Eric Coletti

Runner Ups

Box Office Success and Social Media
Christopher Leuer

Exploring Influence and Bipartisanship through Social Networks in Congress
Jonathan Marks

Eye to the Sky. Chandra Edition.
Pat O’Brien, Katherine Wyman, Daniel Schultz

Not Safe Anymore (NSA)
Shreyas Dube, Christopher Gerber

owlhub. Insights
Arne Zeising, Hendrik Makait, Keda Che

Rebecca Mazur

The Evolution of Social Networks
Andrew Reece, Brian Feeny, Jennifer Sulkow

Vindolanda: A Visual History
Nikhil Mulani

Visualizing the Great Recession Through The United States from 2001 to 2011
Eric Slater, Luciano Arango, Monarch Wadia

U.S. College Data Comparison Tool
Jaemin Cheun, Ray Kim

Zap! Pow! Graph! or Holy Data, Batman!
Charles Bandes, Svetlana Nelson

Best Projects 2013

Project 3 - Interactive Data Visualization


Energy Visualizations With UMI
James Perakis

Runner Ups Places 2-3

Visualizing U.S. Foreign Trade Data from 1992 to 2012
Albert Young, Kevin Sun

Streaming through
Rob Acheson, Jeff Fontas

Runner Ups

Identification of Mutations that affect Protein Functions
John Mercer, Balaji Pandian

Project Cork
Jason Tucker, Mike Degen

MIT Residential Footprint
Chunglin Wen, Amy Yu

Yelp! You’re Eating the Last Piece!
Nida Naushad, Jessica Wu

Harvard Concentrations: A Story
Jerry Chang, Lucas Lin

Palace of Pop
Mimi Xu, Joe Feghali

To Bid or not to Bid
Andres Arslanian, Nico Tejera

The Origin Of Languages And Their Scripts
Tamar Rucham

Project 2 - Interactive Data Visualization

Top 3

Letters Space Distribution
Tamar Rucham

Top 250
Jeff Fontas, Rob Acheson

Visualizing Aid Data
Kevin Sun, Albert Young

Runner Ups

ABC Company Shipping Metrics
Christoper Allen

Kiva Lending Snapshot
Han Kim

Piazza Exploration: Exploring Activity in a Collaborative Academic Forum
Kristiana Laugen, Andrew Bocskocsky

Trends in Chicago Crime
Jeff Adams, Matt Lutze

US flight traffic in the face of major exogenous shock
David Chouinard, Vincent Tsugranes

Project 1 - Data Scraping and Analysis with Tableau

NFL Offensive Trends by Team and by Year
Randy Miller

Exploring the creation and editing of President Barack Obama’s Wikipedia page
Jonathan Yip

Global Education: The Facts You Never Knew
Bharathi Balasubramanyam

Watching Hockey Beyond the Ice
Johnathan Mercer

Endangered Animals
Kevin Mu

Inbox Visualizer
Andrew Bocskocsky